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Practical applicability patent of the bulk material (cement, fly ash, grain)ship unloader

Combined Separator of Bulk material pneumatic conveying    ZL98251935.4

Combined Separator of Bulk material pneumatic conveying    02251583.6

Combined Separator of Bulk material pneumatic conveying    02254703.7

Bulk material ship unloader    02291772.1

Combined Separator of Bulk material pneumatic conveying    02.2.54599.9

et the designation of the Zhejiang Province High quality science and technology products

Get the progress of science and technology excellence awards

The ninth national key scientific research as excellent achievement prize

The quality management system with ISO9001:2008 standard

The scope of quality management system is about the design, develop, manufacture and service for bulk material conveying system.

Eight Practical patents got from 2011 to 2012:

No Patent Name
1 201120447658.9 Hydraulic vertical screw ship unloader(three sections of arms)
2 201120448041.9 Combined pump
3 201120448523.4 Tail connecting structure of vertical screw
4 201120448010.3 connecting structure of vertical screw and gear reducer
5 201120448008.6 Screw ship unloader discharger head for inverter control
6 201120447661.0 Single pump
7 20112044732.0 Inlet structure of horizontal screw
8 201120449705.3 Outlet structure of horizontal screw



The main scientific and technological achievements recent years:

1、Write technical standard by YT, also record examining in the department.

2、The new project“fixed type screw continuously ship unloader(three sections of arm)” through the province new product indentify, the no is〔2011〕341,register number:11001575

3、The new product CSX-800t/h bucket chain ship unloader figure into the “2012 new product plan” N0728

4、Issue journal articles public.

(1)“The new method and equipment for conveying sludge”《 oceanographic research VO1.24》

(2)“bulk material ship loader”《china cement》